A Blue Economy

Your CSR = our mission.

By focussing on our mission, we help you to focus on your core business. By de-risking commercial and industrial solar-power we lower our dependence of fossil fuel and increase local competitive power and social integration.

As Socially Responsible Investors (SRI) We believe that there is only one life and we should live it sustainably and responsibly and we are very serious about doing good while doing good business.

The future past

The future past

John Elkington described this well with his Triple Bottom Line framework and Gunter Pauli phrased it well in his book The Blue Economy: “let us not demand more of the Earth. Let us do more with what the Earth provides." We are a proud member of SolarPower Europe, PV Vlaanderen (BE), UNEF (ES) and Italia Solare (IT). 


Apart from own mission, we support others that share our values. A selected group of NGO's such as Solar Without Borders can count on our yearly contributions. And we aim to empower communities through technical training and direct labour, and where possible by injecting surplus solar power for free.